Friday, October 3, 2014

Time To Let The Real You Shine

When I wrote my last post, I hadn't looked at the 3rd days challenge yet.  So I found it ironic that today's post is about the High Priestess and I am to ask her for her wisdom for me will be

I would like to think the High Priestess as a dear friend.  She would come over and we would talk over a cup of coffee.  First we would chit chat about the simplest of things, such as the weather, kids, whether the Razorbacks have a chance this year.  Then she would stare at me square in the eyes and say "Don't you think it is time you let the real you shine."

I know me, I would try to get her to change the subject.  But she wouldn't have any of it.   She pulled a mirror out of her bag and made me look at myself.   You are enough.  You have no one that you need to hide from.  You are beautiful from the inside out.  Let them see what I see.  You don't have to be strong all of the time.  Learn to lean on someone when you need them.  Even if you don't need them, lean on them.

We finished up our coffee and we said our goodbyes.  And as she was walking out the door, she turned to me and said one more thing to me..

"That sunshine and daisies that you are always talking about.   Let people see when the sun is dark and the daisies are wilting.  They will still love you."


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