Saturday, August 9, 2014

To Love this Moon is To Love Myself.

The full moon is rising tonight.  This moon is about looking deep into yourself and seeing the changes within yourself.  To manifest these changes on the outside.  This can make things a little more dramatic in your life but it will be all worth it. Just don't feed into the drama.

This full moon means so much to me.  It is the first full moon at my own place (last months full moon doesn't count).  I am for the first time in a long time...single.  I usually have someone in the wings but I have decided I need a break.  I need to focus on me.  I need to learn to love myself.  I always thought I loved myself but lately I have felt that something was missing.

So since this moon is about looking deep inside of yourself and showing more of your true self on the outside, I think it is a wonderful time to take a hard look at my life.  I am going to spend some time during this full moon to look deep into my heart and work on making the necessary changes to live my life like I have always wanted.

I hope everyone has a blessed evening and bask in this beautiful moon.




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